About Us

The Japan Society of Transportation Economics conducts research focusing on transportation economics in reference to transportation policy issues connected to railways, roads, airlines, and marine transport, with the objective of “promoting scientific research on transportation, disseminating knowledge concerning transportation, and contributing to the development of transportation” (JSTE Bylaws).

To that end, the JSTE conducts research on a wide variety of subjects, including comprehensive transportation policies, cities and transportation, regional transportation, fare theories, privatization and deregulation, and environmental problems, and reports the results at research meetings, workshops and lectures. It also publishes a journal Koutsugaku Kenkyu (Annual Report on Transportation Economics), provides research aids and implements other projects to achieve its objectives.

The membership, totaling approximately 530, is comprised of researchers with an interest in transportation economics, experts and research institutions connected to transportation engineering, government agencies and operators.

With continuing globalization, the JSTE has on several occasions held cooperative international academic and cultural exchange with the German Scientific Association of Transport and the Korean Society of Transportation, and has thus earned a high evaluation by the international transportation economics community.

The JSTE has an open door approach to membership which is available to everyone with an interest in transportation policies with the goal of achieving a better transportation policy that is capable of supporting both society and the economy.


Dec. 8, 1941

The inaugural meeting of the Toa Society of Transportation
Establishment of the Toa Society of Transportation with joint investment from the ministries of railways and communication

1942 First Annual Meeting (until the 10th meeting)
1944 Annual Meeting temporarily suspended due to the intensification of WWII
1945 Society Secretariat building burned down during air raid

Transfer of incorporated foundation status to newly established Institute of Transportation Economics. Renamed as a voluntary organization and re-established as the Japan Society of Transportation Economics.

1947 Annual meetings resumed (7th meeting)
1952 From the 11th Annual Meeting on, organization undertaken by turns by universities
1954 Regional conferences (Kanto and Kansai) established
1957 Koutsugaku Kenkyu (Annual Report on Transportation Economics) published from the 16th Annual Meeting
1959 Administration system changed from the 18th Annual Meeting (Divided reporting into integrated subjects and free subjects)
1970 Concluded exchange agreement with the former West German Scientific Association of Transport with the goal of international scientific exchange
1974 International conference held which served as the Annual Meeting (Hamburg)
1977 Japan-Germany Conference on Transport Policy held (Tokyo)
1982 International conference held by former East German Scientific Association of Transport (Dresden)
1991 Scientific exchange cooperation initiated with the Korea Society of Transportation
2001 International conference held which served as the Annual Meeting (Osaka)
2006 Japan-Korea Conference 2006 on Transport Policy:
Transport Policy and the Environment (Osaka)



(As of April 1, 2007)
Regular members 471
Graduate school members 15
Special members 37 organizations
Honorary members 24
Total membership 547

List of President

1941〜1973 Koichi SHIMADA
1973〜1979 Heihachiro ASO
1979〜1983 Genpachiro KONNO
1983〜1987 Kenichi MASUI
1987〜1991 Haruya HIROOKA
1991〜1995 Tukihide OKANO
1995〜1999 Yataro FUJII
1999〜2001 Hiroyuki YAMADA
2001〜2003 Masahiro SUGIYAMA
2003〜2005 Takahiko SAITO
2005〜2007 Takehiko SUGIYAMA
2007〜 Kunio MIYASHITA

Organization Chart