The Japan Society of Transportation Economics (JSTE) Japanese

About Us

The Japan Society of Transportation Economics is an academic society that studies transportation policy issues in rail, road, air, and maritime transport, with a focus on transport economics. The society’s purpose is “promoting scientific research on transportation, disseminating knowledge concerning transportation, and contributing to the development of transportation” (JSTE Bylaws).

To that end, the JSTE conducts research on a wide variety of subjects, including comprehensive transportation policies, cities and transportation, regional transportation, fare theories, privatization and deregulation, and environmental problems, and reports the results at research meetings, workshops and lectures. It also publishes Koutsugaku Kenkyu (The Japanese Journal of Transportation Economics) and other publications, provides research grants and implements other projects to achieve its objectives.

The membership, totaling approximately 470, comprises researchers with an interest in transportation economics, transportation engineering experts and research institutions, government agencies and operators.

Amidst increasing globalization, the JSTE has earned a strong reputation in the international transportation economics community. It held its 70th Anniversary International Symposium in Kobe in 2011.

The JSTE takes an open-door approach to membership, welcoming everyone with an interest in transportation policies. This approach is aimed at achieving better transportation policies that are capable of supporting both society and the economy.