The Japan Society of Transportation Economics (JSTE) Japanese


Dec. 8, 1941 Inaugural meeting of the Toa (East Asia) Society of Transportation

Establishment of the Toa (East Asia) Society of Transportation with joint investment from the Minister of Railways and the Minister of Communication
1942 First Annual Meeting (hosted by the Society until the 10th meeting)
1944 Annual Meeting temporarily suspended due to the intensification of World War II
1945 Society office building burned down due to air raid
1946 Transfer of juridical personality to newly established Institute of Transportation Economics. Relaunched as a voluntary organization named “the Japan Society of Transportation Economics”
1947 Annual meetings resumed (6th meeting)
1952 The 11th Annual Meeting and onwards are hosted by universities on a rotating basis.
1954 Regional chapters (Kanto and Kansai) established
1957 The Japanese Journal of Transportation Economics starts to be published annually, beginning with the 16th Annual Meeting
1959 From the 18th Annual Meeting onwards, annual meetings consist of “common subject” and “free subject” sessions.
1970 Signed an exchange agreement with the then West German Scientific Association of Transport for international scientific exchange
1974 International conference replaces the Annual Meeting (Hamburg)
1977 Japan-Germany Conference on Transport Policy (Tokyo)
1982 International conference hosted by the then East German Scientific Association of Transport (Dresden)
1991 Partnership with the Korea Society of Transportation for scientific exchange
2001 60th Anniversary International Symposium as the Annual Meeting (Osaka)
2006 Japan-Korea Conference 2006 on Transport Policy: Transport Policy and the Environment (Osaka)
2007 50th issue of The Japanese Journal of Transportation Economics
2008 Change of meeting management system from the 67th Annual Meeting onwards: “Common Subject” and “Free Subject” integrated into "Research Papers"
2011 70th Anniversary International Symposium (Kobe)

Published The Handbook of Transportation Economics
2016 75th Anniversary Symposium(Tokyo)
2021 80th Anniversary Commemorative Convention (Online)